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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.



How to make money with adult content? The compendium of knowledge

natalia.juszczak 2020-06-15 0

Do you know the most popular category of affiliate programs on MyLead? It’s adult content and dating. They differ from other programs, mainly due to their unusual, sometimes controversial subject area. The most important question is - can you earn a lot on such affiliate programs? The answer seems obvious - yes! In this article, we will teach you how to do this. 


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Adult content is still controversial. There are affiliate networks that don't want to deal with this topic at all. They are followed by some publishers who consider eroticism to be something immoral, the promotion of which is shameful. Meanwhile, it is worth realizing that these campaigns, despite being relatively different from other affiliate programs and having another type of audience, are still gaining popularity. Why? The answer is simple - because you can earn money on it.

How do adult content affiliate programs work? 

If you are an advanced publisher and already have the knowledge about affiliate marketing, you can skip this chapter. Here you will only find basic information about adult content and affiliate programs.

First of all, you need to know that the adult content is a very complex industry. It can be divided into various branches and categories. The simplest classification can look like this:

Adult Affiliate programs

More specifically:

  • Dating portals can be divided into the following two types:
    Classic - aimed at finding love and building real, lasting relationships;
    For sex - dating without commitments, aimed solely at bringing two people together, usually have much more aggressive sales page;
  • Adult video cams - adult webcams - pages with live broadcasts to watch women and men;
  • Adult games - electronic entertainment addressed to adults - usually browser games;
  • Adult products - dietary supplements to support the erection or enlarge the penis, these can also be erotic stores - with items for adults, so-called sex shops;
  • Content for adults - any other content - films, photos, stories;
  • Sex hotline  - a sexual conversation with call center consultants.

As you can see, there's a lot of it, and therefore, adult programs can be used in many places. Even if you have a classic source of traffic, like a blog, you can still use these affiliate programs. There are portals with a very subtle and gentle character, thus their promotion on the blog will not be anything embarrassing.

Adult portals can also be divided in terms of monetization model, i.e., the action that must be completed by the client. There are many of them, and below you can check the most popular. You choose the action by yourself, so it is you who decide how to make money.

Models of adult and dating affiliate programs

Later in this article, we will discuss how to choose an affiliate program ideal for your traffic source. Even if you currently do not have any place where you can promote adult campaigns, we will build your source of traffic from scratch.

If you have a website on which you want to earn money, we can perform a free audit of your portal. You will then receive ready-made proposals to increase your earnings.

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Adult content in numbers

2020 and pornography 

The industry grows from year to year. If you think that adult services are no longer controversial, and at the same time does not arouse as much interest as it used to, then you are wrong. Broadly understood eroticism is an industry that is growing steadily, and there is no indication that this will stop. It is reflected in the statistics of Pornhub, the largest pornographic site in the world, but also Polish dating sites.

Pornography in 2020 in numbers

Detailed statistics on Polish users shared by Pornhub can be found here.

Who is the client?

It all depends on the selected affiliate programs, but generally, the erotic services, including dating portals, are used by everyone - both women and men, younger and older. So if we are trying to determine the target audience of our advertising campaign, let's try to match it with a specific offer.

Now let's sort them out a bit differently: into websites typically erotic and pornographic, and websites with a gentler character, which may include the dating portals for finding true love.

Gentle & Hot dating portals

As for the “hot” portals, the statistics are not obvious. Men are in the overwhelming majority, but not only they reach for adult content.

Users of portals with adult videos

Let's move on to the portals with gentler content, where the situation is similar. A large part of Tinder's community are women (1 in 4 users is a woman), which clearly indicates that even if your source of traffic is targeted at women (for example if you have a fashion or cosmetics blog), you can promote adults campaigns among them. 

Gender of users in the tinder application

If we take into account other standard indicators - the level of wealth, origin, or education - these are very difficult to consider. The truth is, we all use eroticism, and we all need love. Therefore, your recipients can also be the clients of adult campaigns, you just need to carefully choose an affiliate program to the promotion you are planning. 

Pornhub users

A priceless source of the latest information about eroticism is Pornhub Insights - the statistics publication center of the largest pornographic website. From their research, many interesting conclusions can be drawn, also about the adult content in your country.

Where and how to promote?

You already know that the adult content industry is very extensive, and therefore, there are many ways to promote affiliate programs. You can use them regardless of the source of traffic you have. What can bring you profit?

Where and how to promote in adult content industry

Content marketing

Requirements: own website.


  • an effective way to monetize the content and sources you already have,
  • generates passive profit - a written promotional article remains forever,
  • needs to be up to date - write about topics of interest.

  • necessary time spent on creating content or budget for hiring a copywriter.
Content marketing is a content that will attract the attention of your recipients, and at the same time, it needs to contain elements on which you will earn. These can be guides, articles, or expert content, for example, a test of a manhood-enlargement product. You don't even need to own such a product - efficient research will allow you to gather all the necessary information about it. You can also create an entry about making money on sex broadcasts - present the earnings, pros and cons, summarize all the information provided, and finally, upload your ad of the affiliate program with adult video cams. If the article is well written, you automatically make yourself an expert on the subject that can be trusted.

You can also create slightly less erotic content. These could be, for example, "How to kiss?", "10 ways to pick up a girl in 2020" or "How to overcome depression".

Useful tools

Remember to install an analysis system (such as Google Analytics) on your website to regularly monitor your traffic. Earning on adult content is therefore relatively flexible. You can also use a different kind of tool, like Smartlook, which will record the activity of the visitors. Similar possibilities are offered by Livesession, thanks to which you can check what user does on your website.

Analysis system

Building an adult content site

Using your own website instead of redirecting to an affiliate program increases efficiency - it is how it usually looks in practice. So it's worth taking the time to create a landing page, and considering the possibilities you have, it's relatively easy to build one.

It is best to use one of these two ways:
  • - a simple online site generator,
  • Wordpress - a free blog system.

Building an adult content site

Both systems are easy to use and should not make problems during the installation process. All you have to do is place a content together with a button that will redirect your audience to an affiliate link.

We have prepared a separate article for you on website building.

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Requirements: own website.


  • a very effective way to generate profit,
  • generates passive profit - not requiring a lot of time,
  • possibility to combine with content marketing.


  • positioning knowledge required,
  • most often high competition on popular keywords,
  • the time needed to achieve results - profit does not appear immediately.

SEO is connected to content marketing. If you own a site and you create content there, try to make it appear high in Google searches. However, you must know that SEO often requires more work than writing texts. Sometimes it will be necessary to make changes on the portal, also from the technical side, but then the whole thing will work as you expect. We believe it is worthwhile to start SEO. This is a very effective way to gain traffic, while not requiring as much time as sending offers with the use of groups on Facebook.

Useful tools

There are many SEO tools. The basis for positioning are well-chosen keywords, so it is worth considering one of these two tools or Ahrefs. Both are great at suggesting you keywords to use in the text. You should also keep track of the trends - for this, you'll need the Google Trends(it’s free). In addition, there are many tools for analysing individual pages - is one of them. They will indicate problems in your portal to be solved if you want to be high on google searches.

SEO Tools

Social media

Requirements: none, perhaps building basic facilities.


  • easy promotion - you don't need to have a large facility,
  • perfect for beginners,
  • may or may not require certain skills.


  • usually huge competition, especially on Facebook

Social Media to make money with adult content


Facebook is the most popular choice among promotion places. The reason is the simplicity of use - usually, it means sharing affiliate links among the groups of people interested in the topics we promote. In the case of adult content, these are groups of people looking for love, singles, widowers, lonely or those who enjoy sex. 

The world’s largest social networking site can also be used to create a fan page - a page where you will be able to publish adult content (but it has to be censored). Also, you can create private profiles and events. 

Additionally, on Messenger - a Facebook platform, you can create a bot that will talk to the user. We have created an additional ebook about it, and you can access it at any time. 

read more button


To promote your affiliate programs on Instagram, you can create an account with the photos of attractive women. The best way to promote such profiles is to upload photos regularly and use popular hashtags. To increase its popularity, you may consider cooperation with well-known influencers or paid ads. 

Speaking about promotion, remember that posts on Instagram do not support hyperlinks. You can use a simple domain name to be rewritten in the browser or use Stories in which you can share a link redirecting to the chosen portal, for example, to your landing page. There are also private messages that you can use to contact your followers and offer them services known from MyLead. Try to keep the whole thing natural, preferably by publishing pictures of the same person. 


On Snapchat, MyStories is most often used for promotion. It is a good place to reach a younger audience.

However, you should know that advertisers usually don't like Snapchat because it generates low-quality traffic - a small percentage of people who create an account decide to make a purchase. It can result in blocking access to a particular campaign.


YouTube is a niche in terms of promotion - no one actually uses it. In the meantime, let's look at the statistics of sample videos:

  • "How to kiss a girl - Step by step" [300,000 views],
  • “How to kiss well? Foreplay for foreplay!”  [402,000 views],
  • “HOW TO KISS (TUTORIAL)” [27 million(!) views]
  • “How to get a girlfriend 3 simple tricks that you need to know” [3 million views]

As you can see, YouTube can be a smart idea to make money on eroticism, where you will find virtually no advertising competition. Of course, you need to try to make your film as high as possible in the search engine, which requires appropriate tagging, creating a movement around the film and, above all, creating the video itself. However, once a film is uploaded, it will earn money for months, maybe even years. Of course, in the material you must, in addition to passing on some knowledge, advertise a product or service thanks to which you will get remuneration.

Other services

There are also other portals that are worth considering:

  • VK - a popular social network for customers from the East, an alternative to Facebook;
  • Twitter - a popular microblog;
  • Dailymotion - a platform with video materials;
  • Tumblr - a popular website with inspiring photos and texts;
  • Weibo - website in the form of a microblog - a source of recipients from China;
  • - a somewhat outdated portal, once experiencing a very high level of interest, where we can anonymously ask someone who has an account on the site.

It's all connected with so-called influencer marketing. We build an account on a social networking site, we create a loyal community of followers, and at the same time, we guarantee ourselves passive profit. What's more, in addition to the affiliation, popular creators have possibilities to cooperate with brands based on image promotion.

Useful tools

Recently, Jarvee has been the most popular tool to manage social media accounts. It has a lot of features that will help you to handle a variety of services - it works exceptionally well when organizing work. You can also use the Android emulator, which will allow you to use mobile social applications from your computer. For this purpose, we recommend you to check BlueStacks. The application is free of charge. 

Some also use the hashtag search engines, and an example of such an engine is Hashatit. You should also consider Sociamonials, which allows you to organize and analyze your work in social media.

Socialmonials Discount

Paid traffic

Requirements: you must have a budget.


  • possibility to reach a well-profiled customer,
  • access to very accurate statistics about the promotion, which is not always possible with other types of promotions,
  • the possibility of getting ahead of the competition, for example, on social networking sites.


  • you must have financial resources,
  • the results don't have to be the way you expect them to be - you can lose the money.

The most popular choices

Big portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google allow you to buy ads that will be displayed in strategic spots. However, you will have to censor your content because not all ads will go through the systems of these sites.  You can't show nudity, sometimes even you can't show bra, and you have to be careful with words and form of advertising.

Specialized platforms

There are also other, less used portals but they have great potential, most often settling with you with the so-called PPC - per each click. An example of one of the larger platforms of this type is TrafficJunky - an ad aggregator on Pornhub. Using such portals can be effective because you reach a recipient, who is certainly interested in that content.


Don't forget about the most important thing - the proper identification of recipients. On Facebook, these can be people who have love among their interests, or who are members of groups for single people. As we have already established, the gender is dependent on what you choose to promote, but usually, it is a man. As far as age is concerned, from practice, we can advise you that the older the recipient, the greater the chance of buying if you decide to opt for CPS or CPA billed campaigns.

Useful tools

Always use all the tools provided by specific portals. Facebook, as well as other platforms, allow you to determine the details of your campaign, which you should certainly do.

Marketing databases

Requirements: own website or budget.


  • possibility to reach a well-profiled customer,
  • possibility of building such a base on its own,
  • detailed information about the conducted promotional campaign.


  • it takes time to build a marketing base - the number of recipients is  regularly growing, but it doesn't happen immediately,
  • marketing bases may require a budget if you do not have your website that is constantly visited.

Marketing databases are all databases of recipients potentially interested in your services who have agreed to receive marketing information from you (or your partner from whom you buy the database).

Marketing databases

The most popular form of a marketing database is the mailing database, which is sending information to its subscribers. There are also push notification databases, i.e. pop-up notifications in web browsers, containing content and photos, as well as a button that may contain any hyperlink. Something new these days is collecting a marketing base with the use of Messenger bots. Such a base has a very high level of effectiveness and a high level of open rate - we privately use Messenger every day, so it is easy to reach us. There are also other bases, like SMS, but these are already less popular in affiliation. 

You can send mailing and SMS with the help of Freshmail. With RichPush you will send push notifications.



Offer something in return

When gathering subscribers to your database, it is worth to give them something in return. Usually, these are short guides in the form of e-books, presenting a topic that may be of interest to the recipients. So you can create a .pdf file containing several pages to make both parties happy - you and your recipient. Additionally, in the file, you can immediately advertise services using affiliate links.

Whispered marketing

Requirements: none, perhaps building basic facilities


  • low entrance level - you don't need to own facilities,
  • whispered marketing doesn't cost (you can order it, but you do not have to),
  • the need to do thorough research


  • a small amount of information about your promotion - you don't know how many people have seen your message,
  • usually a lot of competition,
  • the need to take time to find the portal, as well as publications.

Whispered marketing in adult & dating affiliate programs

You've got a lot of promotion places at your disposal:

  • discussion forums where you will recommend the service,
  • commentary systems on popular websites,
  • chats, especially those with an erotic background.

Earning in this way is mainly based on whispered marketing, which is suggesting certain products and services by expressing a private opinion, rather than writing an advertisement. Often applies to online forums, comments and similar places. It works well with dietary supplements.

For example, you come across a question on the forum that reads as follows - "I am looking for sites with ways to increase penis". You can leave the following comment there:
“You know what? I had the same problem, and I was even thinking about the surgery as I was truly desperate. Eventually, however, I was afraid of the consequences - a lot of people later have some serious problems with erection. I decided to try the pills, and I can recommend you to do the same. Most of them are fake, but some contain natural ingredients that enlarge the penis. Of course, it doesn't work immediately, but after six months you have great equipment. You can take a look at the {link to your site}, you'll find some cool information there about how these pills work. Good luck :)”

Shorten your links 

During the promotion, you can use link shorteners (for example, which will make your URL look much more aesthetic. Remember not to advertise your services intrusively. You may be accused of spam, and then your accounts will be banned and deleted regularly. Earning on adult content must, therefore, be careful.

Useful tools

You can use two types of tools - the first one is site search, where you can use whispered marketing. It's best to use Google for this purpose, but there are also search engines like They let you to find the services you need for promotion.

The second type of tools are systems that allow you to automate the sending of comments and posts. There are many tools on the market, and one of them is paid SZEPTRICK. It is a program designed by Cyfropolis which helps in activities and publications under many identities on forums, thus the whole process is much shorter and requires less of your time. The danger of using such systems may be captcha, which will require much of your attention to avoid it.



Requirements: a lot of time or message delivery systems.


  • low entrance level - you don't need to have your own facilities.


  • it's easy to expose yourself to incentivized traffic,
  • promotion through messengers is tedious - you have to send messages in person or have messaging systems.

Communicators are a popular way of promotion among beginners. It is easiest to use it in incentivized traffic. Contact with another person through chat, while you pretend to be a woman who wants to talk about sex, sooner or later will end up in asking about pictures or movies. In that case, you can send your affiliate link, but it cannot be a link, for example, to the dating portal. Advertisers do not like such traffic.

Then how can you make money with communicators? On MyLead, we have sex-related affiliate programs that allow for incentivized traffic. An example of such programs is PPI programs, in which you receive the money for downloading a file from your recommendation. You can promote Zone18 (available here). In this campaign, you can use the sales site on an adult broadcast basis, and tell your recipients that you can be seen live there. The customer will enter the link, but to continue watching, they will have to download and install the application. After they do this, you will receive the money for each installation. (available here) works similarly. It is a sales page in the form of file hosting, so you can suggest your client that there are your images available for download. The principle is analogous to Zone18.

We also know of cases of creating extensive message sending systems - an automatic conversation through the created system. The script recognizes the keywords sent by the user and matches the answer. At some point, it invites to register on a dating portal. Thereby, promotion through messengers does not always have to be related to incentivized traffic.

Adult movie websites

You can upload material on pornographic websites with a link to your affiliate website, but you have to remember about copyright compliance.

What to promote?

That's a fundamental issue that you should consider. The choice of an affiliate program, as well as a carefully designed promotion, will make you successful. It is why that decision is so crucial.
To join some programs, you need to describe your methodology - describe how you want to promote a particular affiliate program and generate traffic. If you are going to use your website, blog, social media group, please provide its address. The more information you provide, the better.

See the available affiliate programs now and start promoting!

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”Gentle” dating portals - love-oriented

The basis of promotion should be loneliness because single people certainly look for contact with another person. Portals of this kind allow for meeting new people, so there is a hint of interest and curiosity in those joining. You can also encourage your audience to look for the right person at their side to build a successful future. 

”Gentle” dating portals


Rate: $0.95 - 7.44 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: creating an account | Website: HERE

See the campaign button


Rate: $1.51 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Set up and activate an account | Website: HERE

See the campaign button

See all the "gentle" dating portals:

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“Hot” dating portals - sex-oriented

Such portals are a place of fulfilment of one's desires, sometimes very unusual, hidden, about which the recipient would not tell his girlfriend or wife. Draw the attention of your audience to full freedom without any restrictions. These portals also allow for profiles browsing, so they contain an element of power since the recipient can decide who to meet.

Hot” dating portals


Rate: $1.37 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Account creation and activation | Website: HERE

See the campaign button


Rate: $12.54 | Model: CPA | Conversion point: credit card authorization | Website: HERE

See the campaign button

See all the "hot" dating portals:

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Adult video cams

Popular video cams, in which women (and sometimes men) presents their charms. Many categories, lots of live streams - every beauty lover will find something for himself.

Create a sense of individuality. After all, the broadcast is usually done for a rather small number of people. Not to mention, there are also special private shows in which the paying person is the only viewer. You can also give your recipients the feeling of power, in the end, it is the user who decides, with his wallet, about further events in the transmission (streamers often set goals that they complete after receiving a certain amount of money). There is a possibility to purchase a VIP account on the portal, which gives access to "premium" material, for example, private recordings and photos, but it is not obligatory. So you can easily draw the recipient's attention to the free character of the portal - all they have to do to watch beautiful bodies is setting up an account. 

Adult video cams


Rate: $0-3.14 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Account creation, an email confirmation | Website: HERE

See the campaign button


Rate: $2.06-2.47 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: Account creation, an email confirmation | Website: HERE

See the campaign button

Dietary supplements and products for adults

Supplements, remedies and gels increase the confidence of a client. During the promotion, clearly inform your recipients that many women admit that they aren’t satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis. The supplements can change that, and gels will additionally made him a sex beast, always ready for action. This way, sex can stop being boring and monotonous. Supplements can also increase their passion and satisfaction from the relationship. Specifics can, therefore, be the solution to all problems and the way of becoming a perfect love.

Adult Pills

Adult Pils

Rate: $0.12 - 236 | Model: CPA | Conversion point: sales 

See the campaign button

See all the dietary supplements:

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Games for adults

Games for adults are most often browser games with nudity and erotic plot. Contrary to appearances, many people are playing this kind of games. One of the most popular adult games in the world - Nutaku, has already over 130 million players.

Games for adults

Games for adults


Rate: up to $12.69 Model: CPA | Conversion point: setting up an account and a minimum 10% of customers paying the deposit | Website: HERE

See the campaign button


Rate: up to $38.83 | Model: CPS | Conversion point: sale | Website: HERE

See the campaign button

See all the games:

Discover affiliate programs

Adult content

Advertise as an opportunity for quick satisfaction, and as access to a professional video with beautiful women in great quality. Indicate that the material is available from each device - laptop, tablet and smartphone. 

How to make money with Adult content


Rate: $1.7 | Model: CPL | Conversion point: creation of an account | Website: HERE

See the campaign button

Talking to the consultant

IVR is a premium-rate telephone connection with the external call center. The customer talks to a consultant about erotic or esoteric subjects - of course, in this case, we are only interested in the former. SMS Chat, on the other hand, is a premium-rate message which allows having an SMS conversation and it also involves an external call center company. As you can see, earning on eroticism can be based on many, different monetization models. 

We have already written about the great potential of these models. We encourage you to read our article.

Want to know more about IVR and Chat SMS advertising techniques?

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Answers to the most important questions about adult content affiliate programs

Should I promote adult content on mobile devices or on computers?

The basic devices to which you should target your advertisements are smartphones. Traffic from mobile devices is regularly growing each year, so computer traffic is decreasing. It also applies to sites with eroticism and pornography. While promoting, you need to remember about the responsiveness of your website and promotional content (for example, visibility of content on graphics).

Mobile vs Desktop traffic

Is it worth promoting adult content worldwide?

To promote adult content outside of your country, you can use smartlinks. Smartlinks operate worldwide - you can monetize 100% of your advertising traffic. Additionally, smartlinks always run in the local language version - they automatically recognize the customer’s country and device and redirect to the specific affiliate program. 

Promoting adult content

Smartlinks on MyLead contain different adult subject matters. The rate depends on the country and the customer's device.

Adult Dating - Smartlink VI - Best Dating Offer

Rate: up to $37.33 | Model: CPL/CPA

The program contains a lot of dating campaigns included in one affiliate program.

See the campaign button

Gay Dating - Smartlink II

Rate: up to $37.33 | Model: CPL/CPA

The program contains a lot of gay dating campaigns included in one partner program.

See the campaign button

Adult Games - Smartlink I

Rate: up to $36.24 | Model: CPL/CPA

The program contains a lot of adult games campaigns included in one affiliate program.

See the campaign button

How to create ads for dating portals? What should they contain?

If you think about the emotions and aspects to which you may refer in your marketing strategy, you should consider the following: 

  • loneliness,
  • desire to find the other half,
  • that there is someone who can change someone's life,
  • sexual gratification,
  • fulfilment,
  • the possibility of breaking away from the reality around us,
  • a moment to forget about problems,
  • the opportunity to spend (often free of charge) tempting and pleasant moments with a beautiful woman or a muscular man.

If we are talking about specific examples, these obviously depend on your source of traffic. If you don't have any idea how to promote, you can always contact the MyLead team.

Let's also add that your advertising campaigns don't always have to contain a lot of sex. You'll get real popularity if you create publicly accepted ads that promote the product, but at the same time will not be repulsive. Pornhub, mentioned many times in this text, does it great. Their ads are fun, they can be displayed everywhere, and at the same time, everyone knows exactly what do they mean. 

Pornhub marketing

Pornhub marketing

What tools do you recommend for creating ads?

You don't have to be a professional graphic designer to prepare advertising materials. You can use online tools, like Canva. Canva includes thousands of templates for promotional graphics, which you can freely edit according to your needs. There's a lot of similar tools, such as Animoto for animation.

Access to such tools is provided by the package of accounts available within SEO Tools.


Is adult content legal? 

Generally speaking in most countries pornography can be bought, owned and used. The exception is child pornography, pornography containing violence, as well as with using the animals. You can't own them as it may end with imprisonment. What about sharing?

Sharing the pornography is an offence if the advertiser allows a minor under 15 to become familiar with such content. In such a case two aspects are analysed: the teenager's real access to pornographic content and the potential threat when accessing it. That's why a system to confirm the age of the user is so popular among owners of pornographic sites - to verify whether he or she is certainly an adult (regardless of its effectiveness).

The situation is different for dating portals and dietary supplements. These rarely contain pornographic content, and their promotion is legal. The same applies to conversations with call center consultants about erotic topics.

Summarizing - if you are going to promote a typical pornography, check the user’s age (unless the owner of the affiliate program did it for you), also try not to show nudity in places on the Internet that everyone can access (for example, on groups on Facebook).

Is it worth using tracking software for adult content programs?

Tracking software are definitely useful during the promotion. They let you test various offers within one link and choose the ones that work best. At the same time, if you need to swap affiliate links for different, you don't have to do it manually - you promote the links that the offer tracker gives you, so the swap is done with one click. Therefore, it is worth using them for all partner programs, including eroticism.



Where can I find more knowledge about adult content?

You will find a lot of knowledge on our blog. If you want to know more about making money over the Internet, we recommend the following articles:

Moreover, you can check the elite affiliate forum - This place contains a lot of examples for promotion and allows you to contact other people earning money through the Internet.



We hope that the information contained in this text will help you to enter the world of making money on adult content. It is a great solution for beginners, so if you are just starting your adventure with affiliate marketing, adult content and dating sites are worth to try. However, even if you are advanced in earning money online, we believe that you have managed to extract some valuable information from the text. Good luck in generating profit!


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