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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Make money from home, how to build an online business?

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These days one of the most wanted ways to make money is to stay home or travel wherever you want, and still being able to make a living out of it. The options are endless, and only imagination can stop you from doing whatever you think of. But let’s say you’re not sure how to make money from home, or how to build an online business that will be profitable enough to have a satisfying life. Well, here we come with some ideas to make the process of making money online easier for you.

Everything starts with a plan

how to make money from home

The action plan is the first step you need to take. Such a plan should include, among other things, the name and topic of the online business. At this stage, it is also worth considering an actual effect that your activity is to bring, not only for you, but also for your customers. If you don't have a business concept yet, think about your strengths. What topic do you feel really good at? In what areas do others want your advice? Remember, it's best to focus on one thing first. Once you answer all these questions, it’s time to start thinking about a particular idea, on how to make money from home, come true.

A website - one of the best business ideas now

This year may prove to be the best time to come up with a website that will have something to sell. Everything indicates that it will be marked by increased interest in online shopping. Consumers who get used to such a reality will be eager to enjoy the benefits of the online world also when the restrictions related to the pandemia become history.

website to improve your affiliate performance

If you delay, the competition may turn out to be too much - as long as you don't choose a niche industry.

Setting up your own website does not have to require the involvement of developers or independent website designers. By choosing ready-made software for online stores, such as Wix, or WordPress builders such as Colibri, you can build a website in just one day. The cost of such a solution starts from a very low bar and it’s a great investment.

Besides all the pros, websites can be used as a great addition to affiliate marketing. Once you have your MyLead’s campaign chosen, you can promote it on your website to improve your affiliate performance and make an easier profit out of it. It will give your product or a service a relatability and a credibility, since it won’t be just a personalised link posted on a random forum.

The only thing you should be focused on is choosing a few campaigns from the same or similar category.

Pick what you’re the most interested in and start promoting it on your new website! You can see all of our campaigns here:

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Online lessons and tutoring


Remember the question about your strengths from the beginning? Well, there’s no better place to apply your answer to than tutoring. The interest in online education is now greater than ever. It is worth taking advantage of this moment and sharing your knowledge with others. Even though online tutoring is linked to school fields, it’s not necessarily true. Online training can really cover any field - from school subjects such as languages, through marketing and programming, to any kind of skills - such as carpentry, or DIY.

Have you ever heard of Fiverr? It’s a website that lets you literally sell your skills. No matter what you’re good at, whether it’s singing, dancing, playing the guitar, or being able to explain how the world works, anything can be sold there.

Tutoring, as a way to make money from home, can also be easily combined with affiliate marketing. If you’re already a MyLead’s publisher, you certainly must have some kind of affiliate marketing knowledge, that just waits to be shared! Let us remind you, that we have many useful guides and articles about making your life as a publisher easier. Try to read those and then, maybe you’ll feel ready enough to try and “sell” this knowledge further and further. Such a perfect example of making a virtue of necessity!

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A modern diary or an individual knowledge to share - let’s start a blog

If you have a flow when it comes to writing and a topic you feel like an expert on, blogging may be a great online business idea for you. Remember, however that it requires a great deal of self-denial and patience.

Content marketing as a tool to make money from home

“I just want to write articles… will that make me earn money online?”

Of course not. And here we go with another online business idea that connects perfectly with affiliate marketing. You can earn money on blogging by promoting products/services. Blogs are great when it comes to affiliation, since you can just start with a particular topic and be an expert on it and then begin to promote products or services involved in it. Let’s say you’re interested in healthy lifestyle, exercising and diet. It’s a subject that never falls out of fashion! You can write about it and promote products connected to it.

Still, if you don’t want to promote your affiliate programs, you can count on getting an advertising contract with some kind of a brand that correlates to the topic of your blog. These days it’s no surprise that a blog is being used as a channel to attract customers. Remember, nothing stays in your way.

Use your writing skills in a different way - copywriting and proofreading

Copywriting is just creating marketing forms of texts. It’s an important part of most industries to have a good copywriter on their board. These days, most companies look for remote freelancers, so if a blog doesn’t sound great for you, but you still think you have a great flow and you love creating, you should think about this option. There are many websites that provide the opportunity to find commissions like that. Try Useme, see if there’s anything that interests you. Remember, the more commissions you agree on, the bigger your portfolio. The bigger the portfolio, the more options you’ll have in the future to choose from.

how to build an online business

Even though professional and scientific language doesn’t sell well and it’s important to have an easy way of writing, the thought of the creation process can still stress you out. In this case, if you’re still into writing, try proofreading. Some companies choose not to hire a copywriter. They create their own articles, but then someone still has to correct the mistakes made by a person who usually doesn’t know much about writing. And that’s where your chance to shine is.

Handmade business - handicrafts

Crafts are a great way to combine an online business and a hobby. Handmade products are one of the best goods you can sell in an online store. After all, they will be unique items, so you will easily stand out from the competition. If creating your own online shop scares you in any way, you can still post your goods on websites like Ebay or Amazon. Even posting them on Facebook groups should do the work!

Obviously, the items you’ll sell depends on your hobbies, interests and set of skills. It can be anything,starting from mouse pads and mugs, going through pieces of clothing, like customised t-shirts, ending with your own natural cosmetics.

Idea is just a start, think about your audience

The next point on the path to create an online business that will be profitable is building your community. Collecting contacts, establishing relationships with recipients - all this will make you find out if there is interest in your ideas for products or services. What's more, by collecting contacts through the newsletter, you create your future customer base. Provide free and valuable content, listen to your audience and see if your online business idea has a chance to burn out. This approach will allow you to quickly verify your ideas and improve them a bit - in terms of perfect adaptation to the needs of the future client.

how to build an online business on base of affilate marketing

Where to build a community?

Building a community is a great foundation for any kind of online business. Thanks to this, you can get to know your recipients, their needs, and offer solutions that will make their lives easier. What's more, you gain a base of people interested in your future products.

Try creating groups on Facebook, where you can share your knowledge and people can get you motivated to act. It is worth creating a survey for each person who wants to join the group. In such a survey, you can ask about the expectations of the group. Then you will indirectly inform future recipients about your products.

What kind of online business is most profitable?

Affiliate marketing starts to peak its popularity. Have you noticed how it combines with almost every idea on how to make money online? Anyone interested in having a profitable, easy job without the need of leaving their house, should get ahold of it. Why? Because anyone can become a publisher, since it’s just a person who’s promoting chosen products and services.

How to earn from home thanks to affiliate marketing

To make money this way, it is worth having your own website or mailing base, but the best part of being a part of an affiliate network is that these things are not a necessary condition. In fact, all you need is Internet access. Affiliate links can be promoted on Facebook by sending emails or even by posting on online forums or on classifieds websites.

Affiliate marketing is an idea for making money online for people who like challenges and want to be independent. For those who do not stop developing and value competition. Here publishers who work alone are able to compete with large companies. The results in this game are entirely up to you and the stake is really high.


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