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How to Make Money Blogging?

Support Bodorek 2020-08-17 1

The Internet has made us perceive everything around us differently. Thanks to the web, we are more connected today than ever before.

Today, cyberspace is a great place to communicate with friends or family, or even to do your shopping. However, many people have noticed the potential of the Intearnet and earn real money online. The e-commerce industry is growing at an impressive pace, so everyone wants to start making money online. One of the most popular methods of earning money on the Internet is by blogging.

Earning money through blogging is quite enigmatic. In this text, we will try to reveal a few secrets so that everyone can start earning money by blogging.

How to Make Money Blogging?

Why are blogs still so popular?

It might seem that blogs are now old fashioned, as the peak of their popularity was many years ago. However, it turns out that blogs are still very trendy, and most importantly, also profitable. Anyway, it's enough to look at popular bloggers and see how much they are earning. Blogging is based mainly on affiliation, which allows to establish and maintain positive relationships with people. Blogging is currently one of the best methods of earning money online, so it is worth knowing how to earn through blogs.

Affiliation – the key to success to make money on blogging

Practically all blogs are based on affiliation. Earlier, we provided a fairly rigid definition of what affiliation is, but now we will discuss it in a slightly more understandable way. Popular bloggers very often advertise products of various brands or even specific services on their blogs. For such product placement or services, bloggers are able to earn quite a lot of money, which is why running a blog is so profitable. At this point, many readers are probably wondering why a company should pay a blogger large sums of money to advertise a product or service. For one very simple reason – the blog's reach, i.e. how many people it reaches.

When you calculate the costs of an expensive advertising campaign and compare them to what you pay a blogger, blogging is not only more effective, but also more profitable. Advertising products or services through a blog makes this message reach all the blog’s readers, and this can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. The biggest advantages of advertising through a blog include:

Earning money by blogging

  • relatively low advertising price,
  • reaching a specific target group,
  • non-intrusive campaign that reaches consumers much better,
  • the possibility of working with many bloggers at the same time.

Advertising on a blog – reaching a specific target group

Affiliation is also often called earning on referrals. This statement quite well reflects the nature of product placement on blogs, because it is the blogger's recommendation of a given product that causes an increase in interest. What's more, blogging allows to reach a specific target group, which is extremely important in any advertising campaign. Blog advertisements are often very subtle and so intriguing that people start looking for products themselves, because they are so interested in them. If you want to learn more about blogging, be sure to check out -


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