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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Up your affiliate marketing game with SEO

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Working as an affiliate publisher consists of conducting many activities that help in promoting their chosen products or services. Those who are beginners in this field usually try as many different options as possible to pick their favorite and most profitable one later on. Here, we’re going to discuss how SEO positioning can be a game-changer in promoting affiliate campaigns.

When will you see the effects of positioning? When will you see your SEO work is showing any results? How do you know if you’re doing effective SEO? These are the questions most often asked by people who want to ensure the visibility of the website or blog in search engines. Unfortunately, a specific answer to them is very difficult, because it depends on many factors. However, let us present you a case study of one of the publishers of the MyLead affiliate network, who increased her traffic on her blog over 8 times in a few months.

Choosing what’s best - which affiliate network to join?

When Kate came to the conclusion that being an affiliate publisher is a profitable business idea, she began looking for a network to join. What was important for her? A variety of options if it comes to categories, great support system, and monetization tools that are provided by the network and will help her increase her chances for high earnings. Then, she heard about MyLead - a global affiliate network that embodies all these things. 

First things to do 

Kate created a blog themed “Looking trendy is a luxury you can afford”. As the name suggests, it’s a fashion blog that was started not only with the thought of potential earnings but also because of Kate’s passion for fashion. What additionally made her sure about the choice was the fact that AM Navigator’s affiliate marketing industry report revealed that fashion is the niche with the highest number of affiliate programs – it accounts for 18.7% of the total share


Source: AM Navigator

The first blog entry was published in January 2020. As she tried to keep the regularity, she didn’t notice any significant increase in visits, which prompted her to familiarize with SEO positioning. Before Kate started conducting any SEO related actions, the visibility of her website was almost nonexistent. After some time, thanks to content marketing, the number of indexed phrases started to increase.

Working on SEO

Kate started studying about SEO positioning, she attended some webinars about it and read about it every day. She took the Complete SEO Checklist course to make sure she knows all the important tricks for beginners. One day, Kate decided to create a task for herself - she had to carry out a keyword analysis and select phrases with which to start. In the case of fashion, it wasn’t easy, because the topic is very popular, it’s extensive, and the competitiveness is high. To this exercise, however, Kate picked up some trends and choose the keywords she wanted to focus on. Here’s the list of some keyphrases she picked:


In the following months, Kate started working on SEO, not only creating new content but also improving the old one, by the principles of content optimization for SEO she learned.

This way, an old Heading:


Changed to a similar, but a new one:


With affiliate marketing, Kate started to gain not only visits but also financial profit. How? Kate puts affiliate links from her favorite fashion campaigns to each blog post. Combining affiliate marketing and content marketing became a solution thanks to which Kate could quit her 5-9 PM job and started being a full-time blogger.


Working on SEO brought its first results just a few weeks after the first applied changes. 


Just after two months visibility increased, and after more work on SEO, it was even better, as you can see on the chart above.


As you can see, the earnings from the affiliate network started increasing proportionally. And it keeps increasing to this day. 

To achieve the same results as Kate, join MyLead for free, by clicking here:



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