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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

What ad data can tell you?

dominika.kawczynska 2020-10-27 0

2020 has become a year of uncertainty and forced a lot of media-buyers to change their advertising strategies. In many verticals organic traffic has declined, conversions went down and the whole search and PPC world has become so volatile and unpredictable as never before. A lot of media-buyers started investing in advanced ad tracking and analytics tools so as not to lose touch with reality and quickly adapt their activities to the changes happening around.

We asked our partner RedTrack ad tracker to share some insights on how ad tracking and media-buying have changed in 2020 and if there are any tips Mylead users can apply to improve their ROI. 

Accurate data is the most precious thing media-buyers can have today

The value of reliable and real-time data has never been as great as it is now. During the pandemic many media-buyers saw that their previous strategies started working worse or stopped producing results at all. Newbies often gave up such initiatives and went in search of others, more profitable ones. Advanced media-buyers spent a significant amount of their time on their ad campaign optimization in order to find trends, bottlenecks and growth points. Guess, which approach pays off in the end? Absolutely, the data-driven one. 

For our part, the RedTrack team tries to do everything to help affiliates have control over their ad campaigns and budget with ease. There are several features that showed their special relevance among the users today:

  • No-redirect Tracking Script for Multiple Traffic Source Tracking;
Experimenting with multi-channel media-buying campaigns and don’t know how to track  them easily and with no data loss? No worries, we’ve got you covered here. In RedTrack you can track all your organic and paid traffic that goes to one Landing Page with no 3-rd party cookies and redirects with just one script. What does it mean?

multi-channel media-buying campaign

All your organic and paid traffic that goes from sources that don’t support redirect URLs (Facebook, Google, for example) will be separately tracked and neatly placed in your Reports. 

Want to learn more how to do it? Here’s the step-by-step guide for you.

  • Facebook deep integration;
Even though Facebook is not the most friendly traffic source for some verticals, it’s one of the most popular and effective one. The most important issue is that it allows only non-redirect tracking, so all your redirect URLs will be banned. Besides, there are a lot of restrictions Facebook set on digital ads

In order to help media-buyers become more efficient with Facebook, RedTrack released a new level of integration with Facebook. Now all the data about your conversions will be sent directly to Facebook. Besides, there’s a whole bunch of advanced optimization and tracking features available for Facebook to make your tracking more accurate and easy:

▪︎  auto-update cost every 60 minutes;
▪︎  automatic pause of your ad campaigns if they don't meet KPIs;
▪︎  no-redirect reliable tracking.

  • A/B testing
Yes, this is probably one of the most valuable features you need to apply in order to improve the ad performance. RedTrack allows you to test all your ideas: pre-landing pages, landers, offers, banners. You can also run multiple offers simultaneously on one landing page to find the best performing one.

And these are just 3 RedTrack features. Learn more here.

Tracking Tips for Mylead media-buyers:

1. Don’t be afraid to open new horizons and try your hand at new verticals.

2020 taught us to be flexible and be open to changes. Those who worked with betting offers were forced to switch their revenue streams to other verticals and niches, e-com affiliates had to restructure their funnels tremendously as well. And the examples might go on. 

But luckily now the situation is stabilizing – we all have a big variety of offers to promote, from dating apps to insurance offers and football betting. Our advice for Q4 would be to focus on ecommerce, nutra, education offers, and others that can be related to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas holidays.

2. From first impression to customer

Do you know what your customers do and think about when they first see your offer or click on your ads? Well, it would be really nice to sort it out, cause the last thing you want to do is to waste your ad budget on ineffective targeting or non-convertible creatives.

Here are 5 tracking tips that will help you understand your customers better, improve your messages and increase your ROI:

  • Use several attribution models to know exactly what are the steps of your sales funnel which bring you the most revenue and how your marketing channels work together to generate conversions. 
  • Check the loading speed of your landing and pre-landing pages to know how many users you lose because of this problem;
  • Track post-conversion events to find effective ways to upsell your customers;
  • Don’t neglect the A/B testing process and ensure they are data-reach enough to make optimization decisions accordingly.
attribution model

3. Automate all you can

Media-buyers spend a lot of their time switching from one website to another, investing too much in research, various settings and other routine tasks. Today most of it can be easily automated. In RedTrack, for example, we came with a simple but sophisticated solution that is called auto-rules. Just set the KPIs for your campaign and if they’re not met, the campaign will be automatically stopped and you’ll be notified. This also works for offers, placements and your creatives. Less mundane work and nerves, more time for the things that really matter.


The world of media-buying isn’t getting easier any time soon. Today, it doesn’t pay off spending hours on websites and blogs looking for working offers and combinations. You can find all the answers in the advertising data you collect.


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