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Affiliate programs SMS Premium

MyLead offers its partners over several dozen programs...

Zarabiaj na premium SMS

Members of the MyLead affiliate network can choose from many Premium SMS programs available on the website.


Wydawca płatności premium

MyLead offers its partners over several dozen SMS programs settled in the CPL model. The biggest advantage of SMS programs is the speed of validating leads. Premium SMS programs are our proprietary partner programs, new programs are regularly added to the website. A very large number of available SMS partner programs, enables our users to implement any idea. We are also open to the suggestions of publishers of our affiliate network, so if you lack an SMS program, we can prepare it specifically for the publisher. All SMS programs on our website are divided into various categories.

Advantages of SMS programs

and certainly that's not everything

Kciuk w góre

Validation in real time! Once the end-user completes the offer, the commission is immediately credited to the publisher's account Mylead.

Wzrost pieniędzy dzięki promocji ofert SMS

When changing the rate for a given offer, it will also change under the advertised link. Therefore, you can operate the rate at will and look for optimal values. You can choose the most optimal rate for each program.

Ranking programów SMS

Available ranking of SMS Programs, with which you can check which program is the most popular among website users. Just go to the "Rankings" tab - "Programs". It is worth to keep track of this list from time to time and use SMS partner programs, which have already been checked by other users of the affiliate network.

Różne stawki programów SMS

Several available rates and payment models. Only earning on partner SMS programs allows you to collect renewals even several times a week. Earn passively on SMS thanks to MyLead.

Globalne płatności SMS

Most of the SMS programs offered by MyLead are global. This means that the program can be promoted all over the world. The content and payment gateway are automatically adjusted based on the IP of the given user. This is an extremely convenient solution for all those who promote globally.

SMS programs categories


Programy SMS Konkursowe


The first category, in which there are several SMS partner programs, gathers competition programs. The programs included in this category are used to promote contest programs in which the user, after sending an SMS, participates in a selected competition. Participants have a choice of various prizes, such as Iphone 7, Samsung S8, shoes, cosmetics or sweets. The terms of the competition are always described in the regulations. You must first accept the regulations to take part in the competition.


In the next category we will find SMS programs with which we can provide video recordings or online transmissions. As well as stream 18+. The user must send an SMS to view the material of interest. The configuration option allows you to fully customize the program for our video. We can add names of the film, photos, description and comments. The film can be attached from the disk, or it can be a link from popular video websites such as youtube, You can also set a redirection to the address indicated on which the video is located. If you have knowledge or skills that you would like to share, you can earn money by text sharing tutorials, tutorials and online courses.

Programy SMS Video
Programy SMS Pliki


In this category there are SMS programs, with which we can share any file to be downloaded. The user can download the file after sending Premium SMS. With the help of programs in this category, you can share any creative, for example a tool that can be useful to others. If you're a programmer, you can earn money by text messaging, or by sharing your program here.


In this category you will find all the SMS affiliate programs related to electronic entertainment. You can earn on Premium SMS by promoting programs that offer game keys, or add-ons such as skins or online gaming currency.

Programy SMS Gry
Programy SMS Artykuły/Książki

Articles / books

SMS programs in this category enable us to share an article, book or guide after an earlier SMS payment. In this way, we can make money by sharing your articles, guides or books. You can write short text guides and E-books where you can share your knowledge and experience.

Additional SMS functionality


Content Locker

content locker

Otherwise "empty offer". It is a tool with which webmasters can, with the help of Premium SMS, earn money on content posted on their website. By using Content Locker, you can earn money on a blog, thematic portal or online forum. Skilful use of the "empty offer" will allow you to generate additional income from your website.

Video Locker

video locker

The tool works in a similar way to Content Locker, but in this case, the publisher earns on promoting video content on his website, charging a fee in the form of a paid SMS.

Kreator Landing Page

website creator landing page

The publisher of the affiliate network MyLead can earn a premium SMS with the help of a website created with the help of our landing page creator. If you want to make money on your own content, but the biggest obstacle for you is creating a website, use our Landing Page creator.

Who can become the Publisher of the MyLead Affiliate Network and earn on Premium SMS?

To promote SMS programs on MyLead, you do not need a website or blog at all. You can earn without them. Affiliate links can be shared in private messages to friends, as signatures on online forums, groups on Facebook, in e-mails, and comments on various forums, etc. This means that an affiliate network publisher can be anyone who only chooses to make money on partner SMS programs.

Zarabianie na płatnościach telefonicznych

Earn through the user command


Wydawcy płatności premium

Using the referral link, which you can find in your admin panel, you can start building your own MyLead partner network.

Every time someone registers using your link and starts earning money - you will earn money with him.

You will earn 5% from each generated lead. It is a great way to build passive income - it's enough to have many active referrals to earn money each day, without promoting any MyLead programs. A very helpful tool when collecting referrals are our banners. The amount you've earned is displayed on them. You can find them in the "Registered" tab in your user panel.

Sygnatura z zarobkami

An example of a promotional banner available to our partners.

What are you waiting for?

You do not need to have any skills or invest cash to earn online with MyLead affiliate programs. Just create a free account!