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Website with offers and domain parking - how to increase conversion?

natalia.kaleta 2022-06-08 0

The offers page allows you to advertise several affiliate programs at the same time without going to the advertiser's website. It is an effective solution that increases the level of conversion by separating those who are not interested in offers from people with a willingness to make use of the offer. How to use recently expired domains? You will find out the answer to this question in this blog post.

Offer page - what is it and what are its advantages?

An offer page, i.e. the offer passage carries a lot of advantages, which at every step speak in favor of using such a solution. Not only is it effective, but also saves time and money. Depending on the idea of using the offer passage, in certain situations you do not have to worry about hosting or a website. In addition, you can configure the offer passage to perfectly match your blog, website or offers in the passage. Aesthetic layout is also a small step forward to more effective conversion.

increase conversion

Additionally, it is possible to configure the passage so that it contains several thematically grouped offers. In this way, you can include offers from various categories on one page, e.g. beauty, automotive, entertainment. As a result, there is a chance that a potential buyer will take advantage of two, three or even four offers at the same time! You will be able to promote individual passages of the offers where the given target group is located.

Before you learn how to use offer passage to increase your conversion level, check out how to configure it.

Sprawdź dane

In this case study, I'll show you how to earn more by doing less. It is possible to do this using the offer passage and domain parking. But what does the whole process look like?

Using the offer passage to increase the level of conversion

You can use the offer passage in multiple phases, promoting the link in many ways. Ideally, you should place your offer pages in places where continuous traffic is generated and the number of users is high. Domain parking will be perfect here.

Conversion level increased by up to 20%?

You can use the offer passage by placing it thanks to parking it on a purchased domain. This means that you need to find domains that have just expired or will expire soon. Most often this is due to the domain owner not renewing the domain license. Then you buy the domain and take over it at the same time. Thanks to this, you can use the traffic that was generated by someone before.

Expired domain - higher earnings

The SpamZilla tool will help you find domains. It is a huge database that is extended by several hundred thousand expired domains every day.

increase conversion

Some of the created domains are used for spam. SpamZilla distinguishes the ones that are worth paying attention to. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose domains that, at the time of their activity, gave real value.

SpamZilla has developed a counter which has been named "SpamZilla Score". It is used to evaluate a given domain in terms of SEO. So you can be sure that you will not find domains that are of little value and do not reach a potentially large number of Internet users. This tool examines factors like domain age, active history, redirects, anchor, site history, links and many more parameters.

increase conversion

What's more, SpamZilla will help you find the best domains that generated a lot of traffic during their activity. Thanks to this, they will optimize positions in the search engine, which will support traffic on the website. Therefore, the chance of reaching a larger number of potential customers with the offer passage will increase. However, it is worth checking the selected domain with other external tools, such as Ahrefs or SEMRush. 

increase conversion

Searching for an expired domain using SpamZilla

After opening SpamZilla, enter the keyword related to the industry that is currently hot. You will see a long list of closely related domains with information about their expiration time. By clicking on a given parameter, you can carefully review the domain's statistics. This analysis will help you find the best one.

increase conversion

You can buy one domain or even several of them, and then use them to place the offer passage there.

How to install the offer passage on a purchased domain - step by step 

After purchasing the domain, you'll need to install the offer passage on it. You will do it in three different ways.

1st way - with a code (recommended method)

At the moment when the offer passage on MyLead has been generated, under the "codes for the page" button you will find the code, which in the form of Javascript is placed directly on the finished page or in the index. 

how to increase conversion

Then you need to upload it to the server. In this case, it is necessary to have your own hosting. The end result will be an offer passage placed directly on your website.

2nd way - redirection

In this case, it will be necessary to use the panel of your domain provider, in which you should redirect the domain directly through the panel to another link - in this case, to the link leading to the offer passage. As you can see the solution is very simple, but has a drawback. As a result of the presence of additional redirection, the time of switching to the offer passage is slightly longer. This carries the risk of a potential customer leaving the website.

3rd way - iframe 

This solution requires an iframe code, in which you should enter a link to the offer passage created by you. After this action, the frame with offers will be displayed directly on your website.

An example of an iframe code:

increase conversion

In options 2 and 3, you need a link to the offer passage, you can get it through the button - Generate URL.

how to increase conversion

Where else can you use the offer passage?

The offer passage is a simple website to which you can put a link on your social media - in your bio on Instagram, in a post on Facebook or Twitter. Do not limit yourself to only these three platforms, place a link wherever your target group is.

increase conversion

Offer passage - your must-have

If you do not have an offer passage yet, you should not hesitate to configure it. Thanks to the detailed instructions, it will take you a small amount of time and the conversion rate will increase by up to 20%. If you want to reach the largest audience possible, you should use the domain parking option. With thinking "I do less, I earn more", start installing the offer passage on an expired domain.


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