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Are you a novice publisher and want to learn the basic concepts used in affiliate marketing? Or maybe you are already a professional in this business and you look for equally professional solutions? If you are interested in current trends in affiliate marketing, and what is happening at MyLead, you are in the perfect place. We wish you a pleasant reading.

Only a few do. How does work at home look like?

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The coronavirus outbreak and related restrictions have led to increased user activity on the Internet. As many as 62% of Internet users responded that now they have much more time to surf the web. Facebook also confirms that in the era of the virus, they see a huge increase in their traffic every day. All these data and consumer behaviour indicate that... it is the best time to make money online!

how to work from home effectively

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What kind of work on the Internet is the most profitable? 

There is no answer to this question because it all depends on your involvement and skills. You don't have any problems with writing texts? Then you should consider copywriting. If you want to earn money by promoting products on the Internet, the MyLead affiliate network is a platform that will allow you to spread your wings and improve your budget! Given the current situation in the world and the increase of user traffic on social channels, we do not doubt that taking the first steps in affiliate marketing is now easier than ever.

how to work better from home

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How can you organise your work from home to be more efficient?

Working from home gives a lot of freedom, which can sometimes become a trap. Remember that in this mode, your home becomes an office for a few hours, which means that you have everything around that usually absorb your attention AFTER WORK. We have prepared for you a guide with ten valuable tips to help you organize your work at home in order to be effective and achieve all your goals.

how to work from home efficiently

How to stay focused while working at home? Ten golden tips

1. Set your working hours 

It may be trivial, but before you start working remotely, set your working hours. It is an essential aspect - unfortunately often forgotten by people working at home. For example, if you work from 08:00 to 16:00, it will be the time you spend solely on work. Such arrangements will allow you to balance your private and professional life

Using time tracking software can be beneficial while handling all the affiliate's activities as it helps properly allocate time, keep track of each project and task, build productive workflows, and identify the most profitable campaigns.

2. What can and cannot I do? That is the question!

There's no denying that working from home gives you some kind of freedom. Many people working in this system admit that the biggest problem for them is to determine which everyday activities (beyond the scope of their professional duties) they can perform during the work. For example, you've just joined a new affiliate program, and are identifying the target group that can be interested in the product.

Everything is on the right track, but suddenly your focus is interrupted by a friend who is considered a leading chatterbox among your friends. In this situation, a red flag should appear - of course, you can answer this phone, but don't get involved in this conversation. Remember, you're at work! Finish the conversation as soon as you can.

3. Take a break

None of us is a robot. The truth is, a person is physically unable to work all day long. Our brain needs a lot of energy to reach a state of concentration. And while this may seem funny, anything that can disturb our concentration is a kind of relief to the brain. It's an organ that, like the others, needs time to regenerate.

However, some courageous people among us try to outsmart nature and try at all costs to work fully effectively for a few or even several hours a day. What is the effect? Poor. Concentration is then so low that we start making mistakes and can’t remember a lot

how to increase productivity when working from home

Source: Draugiem Group, 2014

4. Focus on one thing

Do you think that multitasking is useful when working from home? Not exactly. Research at the University of Michigan shows that multitasking negatively affects concentration. David Meyer, a scientist studying this ability, claims that conducting several activities at once causes that none of them is performed perfectly. INTERESTING FACT: Microsoft research shows that human concentration has been reduced by a third over 13 years, placing our species lower than the goldfish...

5. Friendly surroundings

Your room or living room turns into a home office during these few productive hours, so make sure it is as friendly and comfortable as possible. Remove from your workspace anything that might distract you. The next step is to choose a space in your home or apartment that is only for you while you are at work. If you live alone, this is not a problem, but the situation is a little more complicated when you live with more people. 

Then it is really important to communicate with the household members - tell them straight out what hours you work and also let them know when you take a break. It will not only give you the peace of mind to be as productive as possible but will also minimise the risk of conflicts between tenants. 

6. Don't forget about the task list

It may surprise you, but the task list is something that should be done in the evening so that you know where to start in the morning. Prioritise the tasks - do first those that require the most creativity and a "fresh mind". It will make your day more orderly, and you will feel good. Each of us (or almost everyone) feels relieved and at the same time satisfied after completing an important task.

7. Interior design matters

It turns out that some tricks make it easier for our brain to enter the effective mode. Changing the arrangement of several elements of the interior is very helpful - thanks to this, the brain almost immediately knows whether it will now focus on work or relax. If you have a backlit keyboard, choose one or two colours to set while you work at home.

8. Music

Have you ever heard of the Mozart effect? The pieces created by this composer are bright and characterized by high sound frequency - listening to these melodies at home improves concentration, makes it easier to remember and reduces stress. Let the music be the background for your work. Unfortunately, not all songs have such a positive impact on the human body. As it turns out, in Germany the songs of Britney Spears were used not to relax, but... to deter wild boars from destroying crops in the field. 

working at home

9. Relax after work

A sedentary lifestyle and working in front of a computer for hours do not promote either well-being or health. Is an evening on the couch in front of the TV a desirable form of relaxation? The answer is: NO! Your body needs to move. Let your muscles and joints rest. If, after a day's work, you feel the tension in the area of your cervical spine and shoulders, yoga will be a good option for you. Running, swimming, climbing wall, stretching - every physical activity is good. After a dozen or so minutes of exercise, you will feel relaxed and the level of all-day stress will be reduced. 

10. Don’t sit in pyjamas 

Start your day with a daily ritual. You won't be productive if you sit in front of your laptop in your bathrobe or pyjamas. And it is not about dressing like for a meeting with the client. Choose comfortable clothing. Do everything to make you feel like you're about to go to the office. 

Working from home makes you happy

Research conducted by Owl Labs confirms that homeworkers feel 22% happier than employees who are forced to go to the office every day. As you can see, it takes so little to be happy... All in your hands!


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